Blackmail Movie Review

Director Abhinav Dev's film 'Blackmail' was released in theaters on last Friday. In this film, Irrfan Khan is accompanied by Kirti Kulhari, Divya Dutta, Arunoday Singh and Omi Vaidya. So let's see how this movie is :


Rating: 3.5/5

Release Date: 6 April 2018

Running Time: 2hrs 19mins

Starring: Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Divya Dutta, Arunoday Singh, Omi Vaidya


Plot: The story of the film begins with Dev (Irfan Khan). Dev's working as a toilet paper salesman is and his life became very boring, there is no excitement in his married life too. One day Dev make a plan for giving surprise to his wife Reena (Kirti Kulhari). He gets early from work and goes home with a bouquet of rose for his wife. He sees that his wife is with his boyfriend Ranjit (Arunoday Singh) in the bedroom. After watching all the things, Dev creates the planning to blackmail the boyfriend of his wife. In such a situation, Ranjit asks for help from his wife Divya Dutta and is trying to get out of the money. In the Movie Divya is playing a role of gangster's daughter, she treats her husband like a dog. In the story, Rina and Ranjit try to fix money, and the matter gets so confused in which even a man is killed but still is Irrfan get money?


Acting: Talking about acting, Irrfan has given a solid performance in a salesman and domestic husband's role. The planning of his Blackmail creates too many laughs at the action scenes in the movie. At the same time, Arunoday Singh has appeared in a very angry roll, which is fairly fit for him. Divya also entertains at the middle of the movie. Kirti has also played his role well.


Direction: First half of the Direction movie is a bit slow. It takes time to set up the plot, but the latter humor is quite entertaining. The second half is much entertaining, the scenes create even more fun. Director Abhinav Dev has once again experimented with this comic genre after "Delhi Bailey" which is quite fun. The film has a successional humor. The writer of Queen and Bajrangi Bhaijaan Parvez Shaikh also written this movie very well. The movie's scenes have also been represented in the comic format. Overall humor and the presentation is really great in the movie.

Whether to watch or not: if you like Dark, Situational Humor movies and Irrfan Khan's acting fan, you can definitely watch this movie.


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