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Release Date: 9 February 2018

Running Time: 2hrs 20mins

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte


Plot: The story of the film is about Laxmikant Chauhan alias Lakshmi (Akshay Kumar). Laxmi's wife, Gayatri (Radhika Apte), who lives in the small village of UP, loves her a lot and takes care of her everything. It wants to simplify the life of Gayatri. When it came to mind that during the Periods, Radhika used dirty clothes because she could not afford the expensive sanitary pad as a factory worker's wife. Then Lakshmi decides to make a sanitary pad manually. People around him ridicule him by observing Lakshmi's love for his experiences and pads. Lakshmi is not only a struggle to simplify the life of those around her, but also zinc in front of society, who believe in primaries as poor because of blind faith and believes in keeping women different during periods. To know how Lakshmi faces all these challenges, you will have to watch this movie.


Acting: Akshay Kumar fits perfectly in Lakshmi's character. Those who have heard the English Speech of Arunachalam Murugnathan, they will understand Akshay clearly that how actors have matched their body language, characteristics, and risks. Radhika Apte looks absolutely natural. The chemistry between Akki and Radhika is to be seen. Sonam Kapoor has done a tremendous job in the role of a musician fairy.


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8.6/10 (2838 Votes)

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